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Emily Jonas and her team are not your usual Executive Coaches or Trainers.

No, really.  If you’re expecting philosophical inquiries or theoretical questions, there are lots of coaches out there who can help you out.  If you prefer someone who beats around the bush, that’s cool – it’s not us.

We’re direct. You’re going to hear what needs to happen and how best to get it done. We expect you to tell us if we’re missing something, push back when it doesn’t feel right and challenge us to help you create the absolute ideal results.

Here are a few of the ways we could support your organization:

* Coach your leadership team
* Facilitate your board retreat or workshop
* Provide staff training seminars
* Create a professional development system

Together we will push and pull until we get your performance to the best it can be – as an organization and an individual. Consider this Advanced Coaching/Training.

Let’s talk.

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