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You need more funding, right?!  Ok we can help.

We won’t fundraise for you, that wouldn’t yield a lasting affect. We will break through traditional fundraising methodology with you, discovering how your organization is best equipped to increase revenue in an ever changing, competitive space.

This requires some soul searching.  You’re going to need to be honest about what you are good at it and what you are not.  Discover the treasures buried within your organization and unlock the fundraising beast within.

Here’s how we can help make your work sustainable:

* Build a comprehensive fundraising plan
* Train your team to ask for money
* Create targets for activity that will lead to revenue
* Innovate new ways to bring in more money

We’re going to establish a fundraising orientation among your leadership, Board, staff, volunteers and maybe even your clients. Our input will be rich in executable ideas, paired with an action plan that gets implemented every day.  In total, this creates a system that brings in revenue consistently over time. There are no magic money trees, but when you plant the seeds, good things grow.

Let’s get started.

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